Here’s What Jody, as a Freelancer Specializing in
Public Relations & Marketing Can Do For YOU!

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Create Awareness Who already knows about YOU and what you do? Is that enough to satisfy YOUR desired level of success? How are you currently getting your message across?

Keep the InterestWhat makes you special? YOU are special you know! Are you doing anything new or improved that you want others to know about?

Understanding What motivates YOU daily? Do you easily convey that message to others and are they on board with YOUR purpose/vision?
Trial Why should a potential new client give YOU a try? What are new customers worth to you?

Preference What’s YOUR client staying power? Do they trust YOU enough to refer their friends to you too? Do you create value for others so they would always choose YOU?

How Does Public Relations & Marketing
Make a Difference vs. Advertising Alone?
With so many uncontrollable factors affecting the economy, cutting some expenses may be necessary. However, don’t cut to the point you lose momentum and stunt YOUR growth. OUCH! Remember, everything you do or don’t do today in the form of communications, will make a BIG difference in what happens to your business tomorrow. And what you want to happen today and tomorrow is even more success!! Right?? Right!! GREAT!!

“There is no improvement except through change. To improve
continually we must change continually.” -- John C. Maxwell

If there ever was a time to reassess your communication strategies, there’s no better time than NOW! When YOU are positive, professionally persistent and purposeful, YOU will boost productivity and profitability.

YOU’LL ALWAYS FIND VALUE IN INVESTING IN PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING! Once YOU start doing the right things, more right things will be the result of your efforts! Contrary to popular belief, Public Relations & Marketing are not the same as Advertising. To clarify, let’s examine and come to understand the definition of each:

Public Relations is a form of communication primarily directed toward gaining public understanding and acceptance. Public relations focuses on building relationships with people so that they feel good about doing business with YOU. One area of public relations is publicity, which means having information appear as a news item or feature story in the media. Public relations communications offer a legitimacy that advertising does not, since advertising is publicity that is paid for. Public relations make YOU look credible, trusted and let’s face it, just downright BRILLIANT!!! YOU are, you know!!

Marketing involves strategy that specifically fits the needs and preferences of the targeted audience. Consumer market segments can be defined in terms of geographic (place of purchase or use), demographic (age, income, occupation of consumer), and psychographic (buying motives, product usage level, lifestyle) criteria.

With the aid of a reliable public relations and marketing professional freelancer, like Jody of Lamp Public Relations & Marketing, you can specifically target a market segment to make efficient use of your promotion dollars. Jody is here to help YOU become even more successful!!

Advertising is a paid message communicated through the various media by industry, business firms, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. Advertising is easily identifiable on signs, billboards, a newspaper ad or television commercials. Advertising clearly communicates who is behind the promotion. It can be persuasive, informative and generally designed to influence the purchasing behavior and/or thought patterns of the audience.

The main point to understanding about Advertising, it’s a Marketing tool and should be used in conjunction with Public Relations and Marketing to achieve optimum results.

There’s a famous saying that illustrates the differences amongst Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising using the example of circus coming to town. However, since Jody is more fond of horses than traditional circus animals, here’s her version of the illustration with an equine twist:

For example ~ If there’s a horse sale in your town on Saturday and you notice
the marquee that says, ‘Horse Sale on Saturday,’
that’s advertising!

If there’s a horse sale in your town on Saturday and you notice a sign on each
side of a horse walking around town to advertise the sale,
that’s a promotion!

If there’s a horse sale in your town on Saturday, & the horse with the sign
walks around town advertising the sale, and you can get the mayor to ride the horse,
that’s publicity.

If you can get the mayor to ride the horse and the local media was made of aware
of the opportunity to interview the mayor and report the whole incident, that’s

And, of course, since YOU and Lamp Public Relations & Marketing planned the whole thing, that’s MARKETING AND BRILLIANT!!




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